Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Feet, BIG Deal!!!

I've heard of children being afraid of the dark, stormy weather, ghosts, and monsters, but now I have something else to add to the list...BIG FEET! My girls have been watching season 8 of "Full House", and in one of the episodes Michelle (the youngest daughter) has a dream that her feet are enormous! Everyone is making fun of her because of them, and eventually her feet grow so big that they don't even fit throught the doorway. Most people would think this episode was quite humorous, but Jillian has been afraid to go anywhere alone in our house for 2 months. I couldn't even take her shopping for her new inside shoes, or ballet slippers because she refused to try anything on. No matter how many times we tell Jillian that those big feet aren't real, and that it's just a funny show, she just won't believe us. I guess as time passes she'll most likely grow out of this fear. Then I can show her how to make huge foot shadows on the wall in the dark with a lamp on!