Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We've Only Just Begun...

It all started a few weeks ago when Holly announced that she wanted to marry Lukey because he likes her. She often sings the song from High School Musical to him that starts, "Take my hand. Take a breath. Hold me close, and take one step..." It's so sweet! All this talk had Jillian thinking about how SHE would also like to marry her baby brother. So she started making detailed plans that involved music, dancing, a cake,
beautiful dress, and her whole family there to witness the ceremony. We all helped this vision come alive for Jillian. We had wedding march playing as Jillian walked down the pretend isle. Holly and Amanda were also bridesmaids. Rebecca was her bridesmaid who held her gown at the back so it wouldn't get dirty.
Ted was the one who married the two love birds, and I was the photographer. Lukey looked like such a handsome groom in his little vest and tie. When I was pregnant with Luke, I asked Ted's brother-in-law, Brody, what he remembered about being the only boy and having two older sisters growing up. He said that he remembered being "married off" to all his sisters friends all the time. I'm thinking that Luke will have a similar experience growing up in a family of all girls! What a lucky guy:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Spring EVER come?

It feels like this has been the longest winter ever! I guess I was inspired in November when I bought each of our girls their first pair of snow pants. They have certainly got alot of wear out of them in the past three months. We had our first snowfall in December before the kids got out of school for their winter break. Now here we are in march and it's still snowing! I couldn't believe the size of the flakes falling from the sky last night...and then again today. Even though snow can be very beautiful, and great fun for the kids to play in...I'm starting to wish it would warm up a little so I can start planting some colorful flowers, and go outside without having to bundle everyone up. I'm also looking forward to seeing Lukey in his new bathing suit his Daddy brought home from Minneappolis. Here are some picutures of the girls having fun in the snow this winter.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have a Laugh on Us

Ever since Amanda was 3, Ted and I have been writing down the funny things our girls have said. We have quite the collection, and it's fun to bring out the book every once in awhile and laugh a little. Here is a small dose of what our girls have said that made us laugh.

Amanda (when she was 3 and 4)

"Daddy's head is round like a circle...is everyone's head like a circle?"

"I'm a mermaid. No a merman because I'm a boy dog."

Amanda takes a toy from a younger child, I tell her it's not a nice thing to do and Amanda deadpans, "I already made the decision."

Amanda lays down on the front steps and says, "Ahh I'm just going to lay down and get a little sunstroke."

Amanda was trying to encourage Becca to go upstairs by herself, "Go ahead Becca, I'm afraid, but I'm not scared."

"Mom, I think I just felt some dinner in my throat."

When Amanda sees that she and Becca's pictures are in the paper she says, "Becca we're heros!"

Amanda describing her seatbelt, " I can't control it...it's like a wild lion."

Rebecca (when she was 3 and 4)

"Even though Jill is a big baby, her big toe is still small right?"

Becca: "Mom, can you get the barbie accessories down?"
MOm: "Jillian is in your room and I don't want to kick her out." (she might choke on them)
Becca: "No, mom just carry her out!"

As our cat Hercules is about to eat a flower Becca warns, "Don't Herk! You'll get dirt in your throat!"

Rebecca looks at the boiling foaming pot of macaroni on the stove and asks, "Mom,why did you put soap in our macaroni?"

While putting her foot on top of 6 month old Jillian's foot Rebecca bites down her teeth and sings, "stepping on little peoples toes."

"Can I be Stephen for Halloween? (A kid from the Barney videos) Maybe Grandma Kurki can make me a Stephen costume."

Jillian ( 3 and 4 years)

"This hospital smells like 100 babies."

Jillian takes a tape measure and measures Luke's foot, "Two seconds." His leg,"5 minutes." His head,"5 dollars."

Jill after being told she's cute responds, "I'm not cute I'm beautiful, remember?"

"My yawns are so warm."

Ted comments that Jillian is getting so tall. Jillian responds by saying," Yeah but I'm still little. That's why I rip small toots."

"Arhhh! I'm losing my temperature!!"

"Santa is such a sneaky little guy."

Jillian sitting on the bathroom floor states, "This floor is so cold it makes my bum freeze into ice."

Holly (3 years)

"Is the apple on the counter poison mom?"

Holly after running around states, "I'm too tired. My neck is broken."

Tina: "Holly do you need some medicine for your nose?"
Holly: "No, for my mouth!"

Locks of Love

Our little Jillian is becoming quite attached to people lately. We noticed this starting a few months ago when we drove a girl home from Amanda's Faith in God activity, and Jillian starting crying histarically because we wouldn't invite her to sleep over. Jillian had never met this girl before, but for some reason she felt extremely attached to her.
We wondered how Jillian would react when it was time for Sean to go back to Korea, because she had grown quite close to him. Sean would play hide and seek, barbies, he'd play tag outside, and at the school playground with Jillian. Despite the age difference, and language barrier Sean and Jillian had become pals.
So a few days before saying goodbye, Ted found Jillian with a small ring box stuffed with her own hair. She wanted to send Sean home with something to remember her by. We just couldn't get upset at her for that.

She did have to make a trip to the hair salon though!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amanda's 9th Birthday

I can't believe how fast time seems to go. 9 years ago, I became a mother for the first time.

Amanda Caroline Leavitt was our first baby girl, and the first grandchild on my side of the family too. She weighed 9lbs 4oz, and was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!

She has grown into such a lovely little lady,

and is a very special part of our family.

Amanda's Favorite's List

Harry Potter
sea monsters
ballet (classical and lyrical)
tuna sandwiches
her friends
"Full House"
"Gilligan's Island"
reading, reading and more reading
horses, cats, dogs
writing stories

We celebrated her birthday this weekend with a party on saturday, and more cake at Grandma Kurki's today. At the party the girls painted picture frames, played some games, and of course had cupcakes and ice cream too.

One of the games we played was called the "flourcake game". It's where you pack flour into a bowl, turn it over to make a dome shape and place a penny on top. Then one by one take turns cutting sections of flour away. The person who makes the penny fall has to find it in the pile of flour with their mouth! The girls were very hesitant at first, but after the first girl fished out the lost penny, Amanda decided to do a face plant into the plate! Then EVERYONE started joining in for fun. The girls quickly got out of control, and began putting flour all over their arms, climbing on the table, and chasing each other around the kitchen and screaming.

I'm pretty sure I'll be sweeping up flour for a week! One girl wanted to keep the flour on her face for the rest of the party so she could show her mom! Even though the flourcake game was a hit with the girls, I might have to come up with a differnt game for Jillian's birthday (which is in 6 weeks)to save my sanity. Any ideas?