Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We've Only Just Begun...

It all started a few weeks ago when Holly announced that she wanted to marry Lukey because he likes her. She often sings the song from High School Musical to him that starts, "Take my hand. Take a breath. Hold me close, and take one step..." It's so sweet! All this talk had Jillian thinking about how SHE would also like to marry her baby brother. So she started making detailed plans that involved music, dancing, a cake,
beautiful dress, and her whole family there to witness the ceremony. We all helped this vision come alive for Jillian. We had wedding march playing as Jillian walked down the pretend isle. Holly and Amanda were also bridesmaids. Rebecca was her bridesmaid who held her gown at the back so it wouldn't get dirty.
Ted was the one who married the two love birds, and I was the photographer. Lukey looked like such a handsome groom in his little vest and tie. When I was pregnant with Luke, I asked Ted's brother-in-law, Brody, what he remembered about being the only boy and having two older sisters growing up. He said that he remembered being "married off" to all his sisters friends all the time. I'm thinking that Luke will have a similar experience growing up in a family of all girls! What a lucky guy:)


  1. That is so funny! Ben always goes on and on about how he wants to marry Janae someday, and I never know what to say--I guess we should just have a wedding :) Luke looked so cute in his little suit--and so happy, too!

  2. My favorite part of the wedding is Ted's shirt:) Is that really proper atire for a wedding?? Luke is SO CUTE!! Can't wait to see him...and he even has his own vest and tie?! Tyson doesn't even own a tie yet. Our girls still want to marry Daddy--they havent' switched to Tyson...yet.

  3. Vienna has said that she wants to marry Kiefer, but we talked about how he's already in her family and that she has to marry someone who is a friend, then they can be in her family. Now she says she will marry Ronan Rozell (Colette's oldest!) So cute!

    Luke already makes a handsom groom Tina!!!