Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will Spring EVER come?

It feels like this has been the longest winter ever! I guess I was inspired in November when I bought each of our girls their first pair of snow pants. They have certainly got alot of wear out of them in the past three months. We had our first snowfall in December before the kids got out of school for their winter break. Now here we are in march and it's still snowing! I couldn't believe the size of the flakes falling from the sky last night...and then again today. Even though snow can be very beautiful, and great fun for the kids to play in...I'm starting to wish it would warm up a little so I can start planting some colorful flowers, and go outside without having to bundle everyone up. I'm also looking forward to seeing Lukey in his new bathing suit his Daddy brought home from Minneappolis. Here are some picutures of the girls having fun in the snow this winter.


  1. I hate long winters! Last year was like that here.
    Your kids are so beautiful!! I'll bet you are such a sweet mom!

  2. I feel the same way, especially since it's spring break--it just seems wrong to have spring break in the ice and snow!