Sunday, March 15, 2009

Locks of Love

Our little Jillian is becoming quite attached to people lately. We noticed this starting a few months ago when we drove a girl home from Amanda's Faith in God activity, and Jillian starting crying histarically because we wouldn't invite her to sleep over. Jillian had never met this girl before, but for some reason she felt extremely attached to her.
We wondered how Jillian would react when it was time for Sean to go back to Korea, because she had grown quite close to him. Sean would play hide and seek, barbies, he'd play tag outside, and at the school playground with Jillian. Despite the age difference, and language barrier Sean and Jillian had become pals.
So a few days before saying goodbye, Ted found Jillian with a small ring box stuffed with her own hair. She wanted to send Sean home with something to remember her by. We just couldn't get upset at her for that.

She did have to make a trip to the hair salon though!

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