Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amanda's 9th Birthday

I can't believe how fast time seems to go. 9 years ago, I became a mother for the first time.

Amanda Caroline Leavitt was our first baby girl, and the first grandchild on my side of the family too. She weighed 9lbs 4oz, and was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!

She has grown into such a lovely little lady,

and is a very special part of our family.

Amanda's Favorite's List

Harry Potter
sea monsters
ballet (classical and lyrical)
tuna sandwiches
her friends
"Full House"
"Gilligan's Island"
reading, reading and more reading
horses, cats, dogs
writing stories

We celebrated her birthday this weekend with a party on saturday, and more cake at Grandma Kurki's today. At the party the girls painted picture frames, played some games, and of course had cupcakes and ice cream too.

One of the games we played was called the "flourcake game". It's where you pack flour into a bowl, turn it over to make a dome shape and place a penny on top. Then one by one take turns cutting sections of flour away. The person who makes the penny fall has to find it in the pile of flour with their mouth! The girls were very hesitant at first, but after the first girl fished out the lost penny, Amanda decided to do a face plant into the plate! Then EVERYONE started joining in for fun. The girls quickly got out of control, and began putting flour all over their arms, climbing on the table, and chasing each other around the kitchen and screaming.

I'm pretty sure I'll be sweeping up flour for a week! One girl wanted to keep the flour on her face for the rest of the party so she could show her mom! Even though the flourcake game was a hit with the girls, I might have to come up with a differnt game for Jillian's birthday (which is in 6 weeks)to save my sanity. Any ideas?


  1. Wow Tina, what fun party!! I think you are braver than me--there is NO WAY I would let a bunch of Jordan's friends play with flour in my house:) I bet they had fun though. The cupcakes look so cute in all the bright colors too! I remember when Amanda was born so clearly, and holding her for the first time made me want one of my own...hence 9 months later we had Jordan:) Tell Manda Happy Birthday from us. We love her.

  2. It looks like everyone had a good time. Good work, Tina! You are a lot more imaginative than I ever was at throwing b-day parties. I too can remember when Amanda was born, where has the time gone. She is a very lovely young lady. We are so lucky to have so many special grandchildren.

  3. It was fun to see the picture of you pregnant with Amanda--it's hard to believe it was so long ago! It's so interesting to see Amanda (and all your kids) grow up--I feel really blessed to be their Aunt :) The cupcakes look great--and I don't think anyone is going to forget the flour game anytime soon :) What a fun party!

  4. Tina, SO cool to see your blog!...Adorable party...what a lucky girl you have..... and let me say you are the cutest pregnant woman ever! It's no wonder you've done it 5 times;)