Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have a Laugh on Us

Ever since Amanda was 3, Ted and I have been writing down the funny things our girls have said. We have quite the collection, and it's fun to bring out the book every once in awhile and laugh a little. Here is a small dose of what our girls have said that made us laugh.

Amanda (when she was 3 and 4)

"Daddy's head is round like a everyone's head like a circle?"

"I'm a mermaid. No a merman because I'm a boy dog."

Amanda takes a toy from a younger child, I tell her it's not a nice thing to do and Amanda deadpans, "I already made the decision."

Amanda lays down on the front steps and says, "Ahh I'm just going to lay down and get a little sunstroke."

Amanda was trying to encourage Becca to go upstairs by herself, "Go ahead Becca, I'm afraid, but I'm not scared."

"Mom, I think I just felt some dinner in my throat."

When Amanda sees that she and Becca's pictures are in the paper she says, "Becca we're heros!"

Amanda describing her seatbelt, " I can't control's like a wild lion."

Rebecca (when she was 3 and 4)

"Even though Jill is a big baby, her big toe is still small right?"

Becca: "Mom, can you get the barbie accessories down?"
MOm: "Jillian is in your room and I don't want to kick her out." (she might choke on them)
Becca: "No, mom just carry her out!"

As our cat Hercules is about to eat a flower Becca warns, "Don't Herk! You'll get dirt in your throat!"

Rebecca looks at the boiling foaming pot of macaroni on the stove and asks, "Mom,why did you put soap in our macaroni?"

While putting her foot on top of 6 month old Jillian's foot Rebecca bites down her teeth and sings, "stepping on little peoples toes."

"Can I be Stephen for Halloween? (A kid from the Barney videos) Maybe Grandma Kurki can make me a Stephen costume."

Jillian ( 3 and 4 years)

"This hospital smells like 100 babies."

Jillian takes a tape measure and measures Luke's foot, "Two seconds." His leg,"5 minutes." His head,"5 dollars."

Jill after being told she's cute responds, "I'm not cute I'm beautiful, remember?"

"My yawns are so warm."

Ted comments that Jillian is getting so tall. Jillian responds by saying," Yeah but I'm still little. That's why I rip small toots."

"Arhhh! I'm losing my temperature!!"

"Santa is such a sneaky little guy."

Jillian sitting on the bathroom floor states, "This floor is so cold it makes my bum freeze into ice."

Holly (3 years)

"Is the apple on the counter poison mom?"

Holly after running around states, "I'm too tired. My neck is broken."

Tina: "Holly do you need some medicine for your nose?"
Holly: "No, for my mouth!"


  1. Tina! I am so glad you are blogging! I loved reading the funny things your kids have said. I can't believe you have FIVE kids! Time flies!
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  2. I can totally hear kids saying those things! Especially about her seatbelt and Jill about Santa. Hilarious.

  3. Keep writing them down Tina, you may be able to publish a book about the funny things that kids say!

  4. So fun to read! I love the way kids see the world :)